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Heating pumps

Heating pumps

Mental and physical Fitness, well-being and above all your health depend on the climatic-conditions within your home. You are there 60 % to 90 % of the day time. Maximising this microclimate is the task of the state of the art system for heating, hot sanitary water production, cooling and fresh air supply. OCHSNER created equipment which ensures universal and compete well-being.

Relax with low-temperature radiant heat
Radiant heat of low-temperature wall and under-floor heating warms the body and not the air! The ambient room-temperature can be around 2 °C lower than with radiator heating, creating the same well-being, which also means 8 to 10 % less heating costs. Under-floor heating with Heat Pumps operate with very low temperatures. Therefore one does not feel, where the heat comes from, has the optimal well-being and the optimal health.

Breathe easy
Sufficient oxygen-rich fresh air creates a clear head and a joy for life. Away with the pollutants, the dampness and the bad smells. OCHSNER units for controlled dwelling ventilation, operate with the highest heat recovery rates and thus economically and comfortably.
And when disired they also create a pleasant coolness in the hot summer – without the noise of a conventional and costly air conditioning system.

Energy from the ambient, renewable and without pollutants
Heat Pumps operate at site absolutely emission-free. No smells and no poisonous exhaust gases. Heating with fossil fuels (oil, gas or coal) ist responsible for up to 40 % of the CO2-greenhouse effect. In addition with this burning sulfur-dioxide, soot and other pollutants are emitted. They cause acid rain, kill the forests and threaten our health.

Comfort and concept
This modern installation system guarantees the highest living comfort, at the same time saving the maximum of energy and costs and not damaging the environment.
Well-being, quality of life and health are priceless goods. With Heat Pump systems from OCHSNER you undoubtably create for yourself and loved ones the optimal indoor climate. OCHSNER technicans and our partners will gladly design a space-heat-concept for highest comfort. The installation of the system is performed professionally by our local partners next to you

Earth coupled systems
Horizontal earth collectors use about 98 % solar heat stored in the ground. The soil temperature stays at a considerably high level of temperature even during very cold winter days, enough to heat your home. There are different ways to use the energy from the soil:
Horizontal collectors are located around 1,2 meters deept. They consist of tube-circuits in which a heat transfer medium circulates acting as a heat transport from the ground to the heat pump.
Depending on the heat transporting medium you can use systems with brine or with refrigerant, latter referred to as direct expansion system.

With the direct expansion system the refrigerant cycle of the heat pump is used directly and there are no heat exchangers from brine to R 407C needed. Also no brine cirulating pump is needed which results in highest performance and lowest heating costs.

With the brine system the brine circulates either in horizontal collector tubes, or in trenches or in earth taps around 100 m deep.
Flat collectors will be used if there is enough flat space (garden surface). This system needs the lowest investment costs. You will need an area of 1 to 1,5 times the area inside the house to be heated.
The trench collector from Ochsner needs less space.
Earth taps are the solution where you have practically no space available. They are drilled about 100 m deep and use a good portion of geothermal energy.

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